The Tweezer Pleaser

"Guaranteed to Tweeze"

Founded by the enigmatic Dal LaMagna, Harvard
 graduate, movie producer, peace envoy & wannabe
 Presidential candidate from California following an
amorous impromptu 
hot frolic with a young lady...

... The story goes that he as he toiled on the veranda
on Venice Beach (Ahem!), he got several splinters
down below where the sun seldom shines (second
Ahem!) and tried to remove them with a needle
and a tweezer... Nice going, Dal!

As Dal was working in an electronics factory, he
noticed his chums using needle point tweezers
which sparked the idea to repackage them and
brand them as splinter removal devices for sale
in local lumberyards, but that flopped & as if by
fate a beautician recommended the tool as an
appropriate eyebrow hair removal device. He
then went back to his supplier to create the
ideal eyebrow tool - the precision tweezer.

He then spawned a product line, originally intended
to remove eyebrow hairs but has since grown into
a diverse selection of professional beauty tools.

The company was acquired by Henckels in 2004 &
its Slant Tweezer has received numerous awards,
including Allure's Best of Beauty Award for the
last 10 years - it's the best you can get!


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