Professional - High Grade


A rainbow of Nail Gels & Varnishes


From Swedish qualified nail therapists, all 
products are formulated to achieve
incomparable results! 



Sweden Nails was founded
by Cissi Karlhagen & Linda Hallberg
as a result of many years of expert practise.


After running Stureplan Nail & Beauty School in the
center of Stockholm they wanted to develop their
own brand with acquired knowledge.

The name had to represent them in all dimensions... 
So they choose the name Sweden Nails. As
this is the home of concept origination.

"S" in the logo stands for Strong, Stylish, Sweden,
 Scandinavia, Stockholm & of course
 - where it all started!

Based on experience gained from other brands and
products, the goal was to find a perfect Gel Polish
covering a vast selection of colors that assimilate
current fashion industry trends, with exceptional
& unbeatable quality
at an competitive price.


The nail varnish by Sweden Nails is produced in
Europe & is a unique product formulated with love
and genuine care for customer safety & health.


This is because it doesn’t contain Formaldehyde,
Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl phthalate,
​​​​​Camphor and other toxic substances.

The nail varnish stays super shiny for at least a week, the
colour maintains vibrancy for over two weeks, 
it is super
non-toxic and gently bright!

The gel varnish is produced in the USA, stays super shiny
for up to 4 weeks ​​​​​​​and is simple to remove with Sweden
Nails gel remover. Curing is simple - achieved within
30 seconds with Sweden Nails Diamond LED light.
(Reviewed & approved to standard European law)

Skin & Bones® is the authorised retailer of Sweden Nails & the
first to introduce this quality Scandinavian brand to the UK!


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