Face kind. Body Kind. That's Smart.

Smart Microfiber is an amazing range of
products. The hair-wrap produces touch
-dry results in minutes, eliminating heat
 and avoiding damage from dehydration!

Smart Microfiber System is a fast-forward-moving
company with micro-fibre as its common denominator.

15 years of valuable experience in creating and
developing products made of micro-fibre, allows the
company to offer a truly unique range, entwined around
breathe-ability benefits of tight-weave fibers.

Smart offers customers a full range of products within
the areas of cleaning, home and spa. All the products
are recognized as top quality, innovative solutions &
are safe for the environment. The Smart company
is the proud owner of many amazing patents and
current​​​​​ patent-applications on several products.

Smarts products are now sold in over 30 countries. The
headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden and they have
Global sales offices in France, Italy and South Korea.

All of the products have unrivalled natural drying power,
with accelerated absorption as the main function of the
incredible micro-fibre: One gram of thread is 40km long!

Try it! We supply it - Whether it's the towels, the wraps
 or the body mitts,
we guarantee optimum satisfaction! 

Skin & Bones® is an authorised retailer of Smart


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