Grow on the go!

Grow beautiful eyebrows, eyelashes
& hair with
RapidLash, RapidBrow
and RapidHair Products!

Created by Rocasuba Inc, these innovative
formulas use science to your advantage
to re-grow & stimulate bodily hair at
follicle composition by igniting the
 restoration & regenerative
 cycle of hair growth...

...In brows, eyelashes
and your hair. 

So: You want to have long lashes, brows and hair with no
glue stuck to your face and head? Impossible???

Not now! Welcome to the Rapid world of... 

All formulas are paraben-free and help to condition
and arouse hair follicles at the root, elevating
 growth to 
exponential heights! 

All Rapid products contain the unique complex
called Hexatein 1 - a mixture six keynote
ingredients comprising Polypeptides,
Biotin (Pro-Vitamin B7/Vitamin
H/Co-Enzyme-R), Panthenol 
(Vitamin B5), Silky Amino
Acids, Soybean Oils with
Pumpkin seed extracts
& Niacinamide (Vit B3).

RapidLash is a leader
in the industry and the product results
are evident after 30 days of consecutive use.

RapidHair is an intense hair broadening volumiser, 
producing significant colossal results in just 60 days.

RapidBrow contains sweet almond extract, derived from the
(Prunus dulcissyn. Prunus amygdalus), native of the
middle east.... The oil is extracted from the seed of the
tree and embodies an unbelievable concoction of
naturally-nutrifying, protein-rich properties! 

RapidRenew skin perfecting polish is a highly
advanced exfoliating polish for face, neck and décolleté
- Revealing a
smoother, brighter and more youthful complexion. 

So ladies! Wave tat-tah and shout bye-bye to glue
in extensions, lashes and eyebrow hair...
...Say hello to your new magic solution!!

Natural Growth   No-glue   Stronger   Longer

Used by celebrities and recognized by industry professionals
as an authority in the science of cosmeceuticals & skincare!

 RapidLash products are created with the sole purpose
to combat stress, age, styling, & chemical backlash.

Skin & Bones® is an authorised retailer
Rapidlash, RapidHair, RapidRenew & Rapid


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