Quinoa - (Pronounced ‘KeenWah’ )
Keratin food for your hair! 

For over 5,000 years Quinoa has built it's
strong reputation as the "mother of the
grain" from one of the oldest &
largest empires in the world
in the 16th century - Inca 

The Incans believe quinoa is ‘running food’ & the
‘mother grain’ because of its power to increase
 the stamina of the Incan warriors. 

The seeds moisture retaining and deeply nutritional
penetrating properties richly treat hair, infusing
every strand with protein & Argan oil...
...Culminating stronger and
more resilient hair. 

That nutritious, it lead NASA to include it in
the astronauts diet on long space missions.

A 1993 NASA technical paper says: “While no single
food can supply all the essential life sustaining
nutrients, Quinoa comes as close as any
other in the plant or animal kingdom.”

 REPAIR          INFUSE          PROTECT   

Quinoa is the hair-care line from the Aria® range of
styling tools
. Use simultaneously for optimum
results whilst styling to repair & protect.

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