Founded in 2013 by Lou Booth and Keli Craig
with the aim to eradicate the awful scraggy
hair bobbles they daily put on their wrists
and replace them with beautiful shiny
 bobbles that are used as bracelets! 

Ever noticed how the average bobble dents the hair
and leaves the unsightly line-of-proof? The Bobble
indentation-evidence left behind is constriction
caused by too-tightly woven elastic

Well no more!

With PopbandTM hair bobbles, the flat super-stretchy
structure moulds​​​ ​​​​itself around each strand of your
hair, rather than the average bobble
that moulds your hair around it. 


Less tangles    Less Splits    No Dents   A* Designs


ALL Popband hair accessories are inspired
ultimately by recent catwalk trends!

So ladies, you will have a bobble to match any outfit
that look great... Even when you want to
let your hair down, as a bangle! 

Popband have also designed a range of Poplaces™
- Funky catwalk trend inspired laces to match
all your outfits and hair accessories!

Skin & Bones® is an authorised retailer of Popband

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