OPI® For salon professionails

We stock the GelColor soak off gel, also the
Lacquer range & the ultimate exclusive
product -line by both Nicole & Kim
Kardashian featuring recording
 artist Carrie Underwood. 

Located in California, the multi-award winning nail-art
manufacturer originally distributed dental supplies!

When George Schaffer bought the company Odontorium
Products Inc
in 1981 he set off to change its face
entirely. Together with a newly recruited artistic
 director & biochemist, he began selling an
acrylic nail care system to local salons.

The immediate success made them focus on nail care
entirely and the brand OPI was born, offering
their iconic nail varnishes since 1989! 

The company has managed to remain at the forefront
of product development & owns numerous product
 patents. Since its launch, OPI has revolutionised
the world of nail care and is considered the
leading manufacturer of nail products. 

OPI products are designed with safety & innovation,
the focal point, harmonising imperative trend
setting research with necessity. The company
offers luxurious nail care enhancements with
affordable pricing. OPI nail polishes
have been praised for their high
quality and rich pigmentation,
making them especially long
-lasting and chip-resistant. 


Famous for celebrity collabs...

Some of the famous contributors to OPI nail polish are
Justin Bieber, whose “One Less Lonely Girl” collection
sold out in 3000+ stores when it was first released
 in year 2010; Katy Perry had similar success with
her five shades of nail polish which
 your nails a crackle/shatter look; Mariah
Carey helped launch 2013 collection
 which had a new nail technology
called "Liquid Sand" formula. 

The nail lacquer is a chip-resistant, professional,
durable and high-quality formula that has
a vast array of colours to choose from.

The OPI GelColor cures at a lightening speed rate of
30 seconds per layer... Meaning, you can cover
a full set of nails within just 4 minutes!

Independent lab testing conducted by OPI confirmed the
products ​​​​​​​maintain lustrous gloss-shine after 2 weeks!

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