OGX® - Beauty, Pure and simple.

Unobtainable looks do not inspire OGX®
... but originality does!

The ads aren't filled with celebrity role models or
unrealistic ideals but prefer to navigate towards
promoting fuller
, smootherstraighter,
curlier, or bouncier fly hair styles.

The selection of products are independently infused
with specific oils and proteins to target
and tame complex hair problems.

Renowned for their ingredients, these include
coconut, kukui, macadamia & argan oils,
biotin and dead sea mineral extracts,
distillates of Awapuhi ginger!

Stronger    Thicker    Longer    Healthier

The paraben-free salon inspired formulas contain
advanced active ingredients that nourish not
only your hair shaft and hair follicles
but also your scalp epidermis!

The OGX products are all unequivocally pure &
safe to use on colour treated/bleached hair.

OGX products are NOT tested on animals

OGX products absolutely DO NOT contain
Sodium Laureth Sulfate/Sodium Laurel Sulfate.

Skin & Bones® is an authorised retailer of OGX®​​​​

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