MUE LifeStyle Live Stylish

MUE Bring you innovative cosmetic
trends and revolutionary gadgets.

Wipe the day away with your new
ultimate go-to fast-face-freshener!
The Make Up Eraser range comes
in many sizes and lasts up to 1000x!

The best thing about the eraser is the
need for Zero Chemicals or
Irritants! You just add

For ultra pure makeup removal, use
the eraser with the anti-oxidant wash!!

Perfect fresh skin - Every time! Created
with a specially knitted silk-fibre (finer
than human hair) the cloths gently
absorb oil-bonds on the skins
surface.. Creating a hydro-
mechanical process...


 The wonderful original Make Up Eraser Cloths in
PURPLE, and NAVY. You can dedicate and
colour code your face towels for various uses!

Theirs even cute mini sets in multiple colours
& a jumbo cloth you can use from head to toe!

The broad range of 100% Polyester face & body
cloths cater for all your fresh skinned needs,
including removing the must-have Ampilash
3D fibre mascara DUO
by MUE. (See below)

AmpiLash is part of the MUE Lifestyle product
range and sends your lashes sky-rocketing!

Gently brush individual lashes with the comb,
then use the heated eyelash curler to mould in
to an upwards flick! Finalise with the two-step
3D fibre lash set for a flight and fanciful flutter!

The Cellu-cup® range are a selection of hand held
manual roller suction cups that stimulate blood
circulation, optimise cell renewal, repair
& tighten the skin, whilst targeting
cellulite and toxin build-up.


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