Jewels Collection Ageless Beauty


We live on this ever evolving life sustaining rich-
blue planet, that harnesses the natural healing
embodiment of
air, water, plants and energy.

It's no 
surprise that for an estimated billions of
years, the heavenly universal and bona-fide
occurrences have intrigued mankind;  in
our peace-quest of mind, body & soul,
we have digressed,
 reverting back to
mother nature to uncover answers.


MicaBeauty had a mission to create a skincare
range encompassing natures harmonising
properties, propelling us into equilibrium
of purity, health & renewal.

The delicate selection of earthly ingredients are
formulated to reawaken skins innate renewal
process, restoring it back to youth. Every
product is encased within mother earths
authentic & energetic stones; the raw,
strong & rich resources of humanity.

Reversing environmental stressor damage with
utilisation of Earth’s most lucrative energies
& super-foods, the Jewels range propel
 your skin into intense regeneration.


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