MICABEAUTY - Natural Beauty 

“Where Nature and Beauty Collide!”


Founded in 2001, Micabeauty (formally Micabella) had a mission to create the purest makeup
using 100% all-natural ingredients and to the highest standards of professional quality. 

MicaBeauty now have over 10 retail stores and 200 kiosks in more
than 15 countries & growing, (including US, Canada, and Europe), 
organically growing into an global leader of ethical cosmetics. 

ANTIOXIDANTS in the products protect your skin from
damage & premature aging, visibly turning back the clock.

The Mineral Makeup consists of raw & natural powders containing
only 100% pure MICA and Minerals. Suitable for all skin types, (even
the most sensitive), the oil balancing powders create flawless
coverage, allowing the skin to breathe & shine all day & night! 


If the mineral product data has already blown you away, be
prepared to be swept off your feet princess-style with the
Advanced Anti-Aging, State-Of-The-Art Jewel range consisting
of "Mother Earths" rawest commodities; DIAMOND DUST,


Want to know more?

Not only does MicaBeauty have a phenomenal vast array of products in numerous colours to choose from,
but the range also boasts advantageous qualities that are rigorously devised even before the product enters the packaging.
See 1-4 below for reasons to use this brand.


1) All MicaBeauty products are hypo-allergenic, containing no fillers, oils, chemicals or dyes.
2) The makeup is formulated using Mica Sericite level 10, which is the highest quality.          
3) Every item is heavily infused with vitamins that are essential for a healthy complexion        
4) Micabeauty cosmetics are lightweight, anti-clog and allow skin to breathe.                        



Do it like a pro!
Free Apron worth £18.99 when you spend over £150 on products! 

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