Macadamia Professional Hair


Catering for all hair types and textures,
Macadamia hair products are exclusively
formulated to repair & safely style coarse
hair in need of moisture balancing.


Containing a unique blend of Macadamia,
argan oils, and Omega 7, 5, 3 and 9 fatty
acids, the Pro Oil complex penetrate deep
into the hair shaft from the inside-out. The
intense blend of ingredients restructure
hair bonds, strengthening each strand
from within, compared to many products
 which only condition the outer surface.


How does it work?


Macadamia Natural oil is the richest nut
oil containing optimal levels of Omega 7.

Omega 7 oils closely resemble and mimic
the scalps natural oil production levels by
infusing each strand with moisturization
​​& restructuring all hair to the core.


Omega 7 is also non greasy and
lightweight, making this suitable for all
hair types & textures
due to anti build-up
and an incredibly speedy absorption rate.

Argan oil is jam packed with goodness,
containing Omega 9, antioxidants and
Vitamin E which replenishes the hairs
radiance, shine and elasticity whilst
forging an impenetrable moisture
barrier, shielding hair from toxins
and environmental pollutants



NO Sulfates      Colour-safe     Paraben-Free    Gluten-Free     Cruelty-Free

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