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L'Oreal is the biggest cosmetics company in the
world, founded in 
1909 by a young French
chemist named Eugène 
Schueller, who
produced a hair dye Auréale, which
he sold to Parisian hairdressers.

 In 1919, 
he registered his company which
eventually became L'Oréal... In 1920, the
company employed just 3 chemists and
only a century later, has grown into an
Internationally recognised home
name, employing over 20,000
people worldwide.

L'Oréal branched out into other cleansing and
beauty products, building a portfolio that now has
over 500 brands & thousands of unique products
in all sectors of the beauty business: These
include Maybelline, YSL, Diesel, Garnier,
Urban Decay,  NYX, Biotherm, Armani,
La Roche Posay, Skinceuticals,
 Ralph Lauren, Redken,
Kiehl's + many more!


It has six worldwide R&D centres and developed
the L'Oréal- UNESCO Awards for Women in
Science, established to encourage growth
 and the impact of women in science.

L'Oreal developed Episkin that is a dermatologic
​​​​​​​ skin model to provide an alternative to animal
testing and in 2006 acquired SkinEthic, a
 leading tissue engineering company.
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