Clinique®  3 step skin care 

The popular brand is a result of an interview in
1967 between a savvy US Vogue Magazine
editor (Carol Phillips) and (Dr. Norman
Orentreich), the high-profile New York
dermatologist, who simply suggested
great skin can be created

Before this idea the presumption was that skin
was an inevitable predisposition of unchangeable
hereditary genetic distribution. Dr Orentriech’s
philosophy that skin could be transformed
through topical product application lead​​​​​
Estee Lauder to recruit him, along with
Carol Phillips bringing to life their
theories, resulting in Clinique.


The name Clinique is a combination of  the
words "unique" and "clinic".

Tailoring unique formulas tested and
 recommended by clinicians. 

Today Clinique’s mission is to be the most
trusted Prestige beauty brand in the
, with market leadership &
authority in Dermatological
Skincare and Foundation.

From the very beginning Clinique
wanted clients to recognise
them as the smart choice,
always innovating to
deliver high quality.

Clinique provide effective, safe, Allergy
Tested, Fragrance Free products
that are designed for living
& enhance her ... 

Natural beauty, Every day.. 
& to combat all skin imperfections.

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