For every purchase you make from us

it helps someone in need

Our aim is to give to charity as much as possible and help
other people, which is why we have selected 10 charities to
religiously give towards. The charities selected mean something
to us on a fundamental level and we are sure you are either
directly or indirectly effected by something we care for too.



We have partnered with Partnership for Children, a UK charity with a global initiative on the mental and emotional well being of children.

Partnership for children currently run programmes in schools in more than 30 countries, helping 1 million children by 2016, the figure reaching 1.5m by 2017. 

Partnership for Children also develop resources for parents and teachers to help young children cope with difficult situations, such as bereavement, bullying or divorce and separation.

We have partnered with B-EAT, a UK charity with a main objective to provide guidance, information and tools to combat eating disorders in both the young & adults.

B-EAT charity has been a champion, guide and friend to anyone affected by these serious mental illnesses since 1989.

Beat estimate that there are over 1.6 million people suffering from diagnosed or undiagnosed eating disorders throughout the UK, a staggering statistic
that needs to be addressed. 

We have partnered with Make a Wish Charity,
that grants terminally ill children's last wishes.

How fundamental the cause is, is unspeakable.

Not only is it of utmost importance to the parents,
to witness ecstasy from their child before departing,
but the wholesome unity of assuring  pleasant departure is paramount.

The magical charity also focuses on the prevention
of life threatening illnesses in children ultimately.


​We have partnered with Show Racism the Red Card, the UK's anti-racism educational charity that was established in January 1996.

Enabling role models to voice the mission of the charity helps to educate and present anti-racism information to young members of the public.​​

We have partnered with Unicef
which is the International Aid charity
of the United Nations

It aims to provide Vaccines, Clean water, Life saving food, Education, Protection from violence and disaster relief to children all around the world.
We have partnered with Womankind
a charity with the aim of protecting equal rights
guidance, support and safety of women globally.

Creating an equal world "disabled" people have
the same opportunities as everyone else possesses is the main aim towards equilibrium and unity.

Out of the 13million people alone (and rising
in UK) they all have a lot more to contribute to society than people give them credit for.



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