Bourjois Paris Simple femininity. 
Wanting the best, for you.

Creating the first-ever double sided mascara
(Suivez Mon Regard) allowing even
distribution of product to the inner and
outer framework of the eyelids, resulting
 in the first ever handy handbag solution!

The Creation of Coup de Théâtre mascara, was an
epitome for this brand, the first double-ended
mascara & Suivez Mon Regard (a loose powder
eyeshadow) in a clever box that deliver the right
amount of powder onto the built-in brush. Not
only did this surpass expectations, it landed
up in thousands of women's handbags globally!

Customers like to know they are receiving value.

With Bourjois, this is inevitable.  

Products that make beautiful accessories - Each
product is carefully designed for ease of use &
to be a pleasure to carry on-the-go with you!


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