Several hundred products for
your body & skincare!

Care for your body as your body cares for you!

Whether you are looking to re-hydrate, soften,
scrub-off the day or tone up, we have a selected
product base that can satisfy all the above & more!

The wonderful Dermosistemi (an authentic Italian
line) offer products specifically designed to target/
treat problematic skin conditions for face & body...

stretchmarks, anti-aging, removing
water build-up
, targeting cellulite, sun protection,
easing irritation & combating hyper pigmentation,
Dermosistemi have a product that's right for you.

EcoTools have a wonderful range of products &
tools to buff away the day & feel instantly revived
Make bath time fun and feel like a trip to the spa.

If you are looking for body & hair spa accessories,
such as towels, hair wraps & delicate face & body
cloths, SMART have designed a collection of micro
fiber linens, perfect to dry hair and skin in a safe,
natural and faster way! The hairband is the ideal
at home tool, pushing hair off the face during
cosmetic application. The hair-wraps are
available in three colours; Blue, Pink &
White & allow you to naturally air-dry
hair; A healthier option, reducing
the heat damage of stylers.

Prefer to use Vegan & hand-made creams? Then
Beauty Oils is the right choice for you! Consisting
of cold-pressed shea butter, argan oil + vitaminE,
the organic products are made in Ireland & have a
subtle aroma of creamy vanilla with a hint of zest!

Speaking of Argan Oil... Ameera London have created
a rich authentic argan oil and bottled it up all the way
from Morocco! The highly penetrating oil has many 
wonderful uses! Lather on the face, body and hair
for ultra hydration, repair and protection!
Argan Oil is renowned for:
1) Reducing scar appearance
2) Replenishing skins moisture
3) Nourish hair follicles and growth

4) Promote healing of acne inflammation
5) Restore moisture of nail beds, on lips & feet
6) Prevent stretch-mark formation in weight fluctuation

Argan oil is a multi-purpose product containing a unique
blend of fatty acids & vitamins for use on the whole body.

Nutrify your body from the inside-out with a wide range
of vitamins by brand - Biovea! From collagen to anti-
anxiety formulas, weight loss and anti-fatigue, you
are sure to find what you need! SKINADE is the
number one anti-aging, micro-nutrient liquid
drink. Restore your youth with each sip!



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