Hand Made. Love from Ireland.

Beauty Oils are unique in featuring a range of
creams painstakingly cold pressed from nature.

Cold pressed creams contain the highest concentration
of micronutrients. There is no heating, steaming,
sloshing, simmering or steeping... Ever!

This labour intensive process ensures the highest
concentration of active botanicals remain as potent
as nature intended. The skill and dedication in
their manufacture shouldn't be underestimated.


Highest-yield Micro-Nutrient Concentration.
Cold processing. Zero denaturisation.

The certified organic raw ingredients have zero
chemical contamination & are certified as vegan.

The products are carefully and delicately manufactured
by hand and contain a base formula of shea butter,
citrus extract, vitamin E and argan oil.

Beauty Oils are powerfully supplement-rich!

These products are perfect when also used in sync
with derma-rolling to ensure the maximum dermal
uptake of the bio-active constituents.

As a standalone product, to get the best results, you
only need to use a pea-sized amount! Saving you
time and money as the product goes far!

Skin & Bones® is an authorised retailer of Beauty Oils


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