ARDELL® The best faux lashes

Founded in 1971 by Arnold & Sydell Miller

Brought to you by us.

Ardell aim to help women all over the world
create realistic, volume and length to
lashes by empowering but not over
-powering natural beauty.

When did it all begin?

The Ardell journey began in 1971, with the
manufacturing & sale of "The Wispies"
to the US consumer.

 However, false eyelashes ("Faux-lashes") began life with
an epic silent film in 1916 called "Intolerance" directed by
D.W. Griffith. The leading actress, Seena Owen, had to
wear dramatic lashes that delicately touched her cheeks
in a scene from the film - silent movies relied totally
on dramatic exaggeration to enhance the narrative.

So, it was a wig maker who invented the very first
false eyelashes by weaving human hair through a
fine gauze & gluing them to Ms Owen's eyelids!

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