A range of Anti-Ageing products and tools
that promote rejuvenation of the skin from
the inner to the exterior framework.

"If we could turn back time to look younger"... 

Whilst we don't stock The Time Machine at the moment,
we recommend a number of techniques and products
that really do produce results if used consistently!

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Enjoy the benefits of current understanding... Today!

Collagen enriched drinks such as
Skinade, restores the skins youthful radiance meanwhile replenishing the structure of the skin for protection.

The range of hyaluronic skin creams and serums work well day and night to protect and transform the skin.

​​​​​​​The use of retinol (part of the Vitamin A group) has proven efficacy​​​​ ​​​and we offer a wide selection from 
Cougar Beauty and try the wonderful Aloe Retinol Hyaluronic Serum - for the money the best combination product on the market (we reckon!)

The skin suffers often with poor circulation and is potentially in contact with aggressive pollutants, free radicals and ablation agents... Protect it with Cougar Antioxidant Hyaluronic Serum

Whilst Skinade repairs from the inside and the serums from Cougar provide part of the picture, ideally the skin requires a broad selection of micronutrients: The best supply comes from compounds made from the purest botanical sources. ​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Cold pressing is a technique that preserves the highest concentration of nutrients without damaging the molecular structure resulting in greater dermal uptake...

We stock
Ameera argan oil (the purest there is) which contains an array of natural essential oils and can be used on the face, the hair or as a massage oil... It is antioxidant rich!

​​​​​​​We also stock
Beauty Oils, cold pressed and hand-made products from Ireland which blends argan oil with citrus and shea, a very rich source of micronutrients.

​​​​​​​One of the best combination products we have ever seen is the amazing Astalift by FUJIFILM. Not only does it utilise photographic technology as a concealer producing a flawless appearance but it also has SPF25 protecting your skin against solar UV and a unique form of retinol - Astaxanthin, which is a highly stable molecule effective against free radical damage.

Another method is to trigger collagen production and the best home method is to use micro needle therapy ('derma rolling'). This works by proliferating CD34 stem cells in the dermis to differentiate into fibroblasts, that replenish elastin and so making the skin firmer.

We offer a range of manual micro needle therapy derma rollers such as the 3in1 but recommend you begin home use with the smaller sizes: We offer titanium at 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.75mm 1.0mm 1.50mm 2.00mm 2.50mm 3.00mm - refer to our chart.

To assist you in your roller purchase, we have developed DermaLink™ which takes the chore out of selection - simply identify your problem, choose the needle size and we will link you to your product!

Use derma rolling in conjunction with topical products for enhanced physiological effects - serums and creams cannot work alone as effectively than when combined with derma rolling.

We are proud to be appointed the distributors of
dermosistemi who provide the therapist and cosmetic professional with arrange of technology. Their standalone creams and serums are the best and unique to this brand they have developed the systematic approach to the four categories of problem skin: Ageing, Acne, Sun Damage and Melanotic.


Contact us with any questions you may have to antiageingadvice@skinandbones


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