ACNE - Fighting pimples, one step at a time.

We realise how tricky those little zits can be to manage and so we
have enthusiastically selected the best products to target and counteract the causes.

ACNE can be a result of many factors ranging from Internal bodily processes 
(such as diet, hormones, stress levels & genetics) and External factors
(such as environment, pollution and direct skin contact irritation).

An acne-fighting skincare regimen is highly recommended by dermatologists to
reduce skin sensitivity and improve the skins framework, resistance and lucidity.

It is immensely advantageous to dispose of used makeup brushes after 3-6 months,
(depending on the level of usage) because an underlying cause of acne can be the build up
of bacteria on makeup tools. Regular brush cleaning can prolong the life-cycle of them.
We recommend the BEST - Real techniques -  Get those brushes sparkly with the
cleansing gel & cleansing palette! We also sell the cute mini brush eggs in pink
or green! So nifty and compact, you can have fab fibres on-the-go! 

We currently stock a superior range of products certain to combat and restrict future
outbreaks by many prestigious brands! ACNEGEN cater for all needs, with the handy care pack,
you will unequivocally see the transformative balance in oil/moisture/dryness after first use.

Dermosistemi have created an unbelievable trio to serve your needs! The ultra rich 3-some penetrate deep into
the dermal layers at the core, targeting underlying oil-build-up, impurities and enlarged pores, thus reducing
vesicle/(fluid build-up), and harmonising skin strength. The extra benefits of the AC DEFENCE system
prosper when used in systematic conjunction from A to C:- -> A=(Bio- Concentrate/To attack)
->  B=(Zeroac Skin repair cream-Available in 50ml or 150ml/To Replenish skin moisture)...
-> C=(Bio Functional Fluid)/To seal, prevent eruption and finalise the process).

Let's take a look at the different spots that flare up unexpectedly...

Clearly evident above is that no matter what the cause is - Internal or External..
All spots occur and spread because of either pollutive impact on delicate skin or
eruptions from irritation alleviated by skins sensitivity and impurity imbalance. 

The research conducted suggests that the best way to optimise skins resistance is to reinforce invulnerability
by infusing the body with the essential protein collagen (which depletes at age 25)... & other
vitamins combined whilst focusing on exterior preservation of skin-structure & vitality.


The sole purpose of using a derma-roller is to resurface skin layers in order to prevent toxic absorption
whilst remodeling and optimizing the skins elasticity and tenacity. It is advised to avoid derma-rolling when
skin has open wounds, breakouts or sores to prevent cross-contamination and bacterial dispersion. Use
derma-rollers and tools on healed skin, to re-build firmness in the epidermis and minimise reactivity.

It is important to remember that natural causes - (age, stress levels and hormonal changes) which occur 
sequentially may result in an inflammatory response in the skin. Regular care and maintenance is vital to
reduce escalation. Adopting an appropriate cleanse, tone, moisturise & exfoliation routine whilst assuring to
thoroughly remove make-up/debris build-up daily from the surface reduces symptoms & promotes skin health.

If you have any questions or would like some advice, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.
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